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360 dac

No amplifier or loud­speaker can ever make good for what has been lost at the source. The quality of the recording and the signal supplier are of fundamental importance in high fidelity. The 360 D/A-Converter does excel at exactly this task. No deletions, no additions!


With its 4 digital inputs (SPDIF, AES/EBU, Network, USB) provides connectivity to a wide selection of digital sources. A powerful DSP converts all incoming digital music signals to the DXD format, performs the zeroPhase processing and the LEEDH volume control. One PCM1792 in mono configuration per channel takes care of the digital to analog conversion of the music signals. The internal digital filtering of the chip is bypassed for optimal results. The passive reconstruction filter sports custom made high precision components ensuring stable filter characteristics, prerequisite for a perfect compensation with the zeroPhase technology.


Every D/A converter requires an analog low pass filter in its output in order to suppress high frequency noise and aliasing signals. Smallest timing errors provoked by this filter get eliminated.

LEEDH volume control

Digital volume controls do suffer from truncation errors when reducing the level of the music signal. The 360s volume control based on LEEDH processing does significantly reduce these errors.


The 360 DAC is operated via its three front panel buttons and rotary control. Multiple configuration functions allow optimisation of the entire audio system, and an ideal set-up of the individual components. All operating modes are indicated on the clear display.

360 dac
360 specs
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