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360 dac

More power reserves make the 312 stereo amplifier sound even more dynamic than its predecessor.


New power supply

Four new cutting-edge switched-mode power supplies modules deliver 1,200 VA of continuous power for the power amplfier section with a peak power capability of up to 4’200 VA for more than 5 seconds. They feature high performance filtering at the input and output, and high speed soulution voltage regulators to deliver considerably more stable power than any conventional, transformer-based technology.

Power amplifier

The amplification circuit of the 312 is based on the technology used in our Series 5 amplifiers. Current amplification is done in three stages, each with a narrow, almost linear operating range. The high Class A operation supplemented by more than 160,000 µF of storage capacitance results in a nearly infinite impulse response.


The 312 stereo amplifier is operated via its front panel button. Multiple configuration functions allow optimisation of the entire audio system.

360 dac
360 specs
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