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​High Performance Audio System

One of the key elements in producing a superb audio system is to have a very low noise floor. Everything that happens to reproduce a musical performance is counting on this fact. How much information is retrieved, amplified, and delivered into the room is in a significant way dependent on a very low noise level at every location in the audio system. Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) passion for enjoying the full magic of a musical performance has driven us to develop a wide range of products that will allow your system to reach its full potential. HRS products and our complete system approach will preserve the information, timing, decay structure, and spatial information of your favorite music in the manner originally created by the artist.

Audio Stands


HRS high performance audio stands are designed to make your equipment look great, provide excellent performance, and have a modular engineering architecture that can adjust to your system needs.  Every HRS Audio Stand is made to our exacting standards and finished by our experienced craftsmen.  They are available in a very wide range of performance and finish options so that you can create an audio stand that is ideal for your system.

Audio Stands
Harmonic Resolution Systems Isolation Bases

Isolation Bases


The HRS Isolation Bases are a primary element for significantly reducing structural borne noise in any audio or video component.  All of our isolation bases are designed based on unique engineering architecture first invented by HRS in the 1990’s and perfected ever since.  They are designed to be used on any surface, with your existing furniture or can load at any time directly into the HRS Audio Stand Frame Systems.

Chassis Noise Reduction Products:

The HRS Nimbus and Damping Plate Products significantly reduce component chassis noise.  They are manufactured from billet machined aluminum alloys and a custom polymer material developed by HRS specifically for the audio industry.  The range of sizes designed and manufactured by HRS provides you with the capability to optimize the performance of any size audio component and a wide range of chassis designs.

Harmonic Resolution Systems Chasis Noise Reduction
Harmonic Resolution Systems Analog Disk Records Weights

Analog Disk Records Weights

Highly innovative designs that hold a record to the turntable platter while eliminating record groove and turntable bearing noise, revealing a new level of musical fidelity from your vinyl music collection.  The HRS record weights are available in different models so that you can select the one that will provide the best performance for your turntable design.

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