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EMT Cartridges Switzerland

​EMT: Finest MC Cartridges - Handcrafted in Switzerland

​EMT Novel: MC-Cartridge with innovative

multi-layer core transducer technology

EMT Novel MC Cartridges

- Advanced transducer technology for less mechanical vibration

- Double-layer core to reduce eddy current loss for best efficiency by low moving load


Most modern research processes in micromechanics and material-science allow us to constantly go one step further in vinyl playback technology. Six years ago, we started analyzing the characteristics of the traditional moving-coil transducer and have been working since on improving its mechanical and magnetic behavior. As a result, we hereby introduce our new multi-layer core transducer with  titanium/sapphire cantilever. Incredible realistic performance is achieved, while at the same time the tried and trusted EMT typical specs are respected.

Advanced manual skills are required to produce and assemble such a miracle of micro-technology. Our fabulous team are well educated, and we take care to provide them with a tranquil and pleasant working environment.

EMT Novel MC Cartridge


All EMT Novel cartridges feature the new multi-layer core transducer technology. Body- and coilmaterial, suspension and the calibrating process have been specifically selected and adjusted to compose three outstanding cartridge models for the most realistic performance.

EMT JSD Novel Gold

JSD Novel Gold


Ultimate stereo cartridge for the most realistic performance. High-density body and pure gold coil for rich and harmonic audio experience. Matt surface gold plated.

JSD Novel Titan


Ultimate stereo cartridge for the most realistic performance. Titanium body and pure silver coil for genuine and balanced audio experience. Matt surface diamond plated.

JSD Novel Titan
TSD Novel

TSD Novel

Ultimate Tondose for the most realistic performance. Magnesium body and pure copper coil for most professional audio experience. Available with EMT-, INT- and X-connection.

EMT 128 Micro Tube Precision Phonostage

- Unique design concepts for best technical and most musical performance

- All tube amplification with integrated input- and output-transformers

- Sub miniature vacuum tube, originally produced for US missile technology

- All circuits built-into a dedicated case milled out of one solid block of aluminum

- Advanced airflow and anti-vibration control technology

EMT 128 Micro Tube Phonostage
EMT 128 Micro Tube Phonostage
EMT 128 Micro Tube Phonostage
EMT 128 Micro Tube Phonostage
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