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360 dac

Delivering the required gain for vinyl playback while remaining linear and phase-correct, is still a challenging task. The new 350 phono stage masters it with ease.


Phono stage

A two stage, active/passive, design equalizes the input signal according to the RIAA specifications. Tight tolerance, high quality passive components in the RIAA networks ensure highest precision of the required time-constants. Three wide bandwidth, low noise amplifier stages provide 60dB gain with minimal deviations to the ideal frequency and phase response of the system. The adjustable termination impedance (via the remote or front panel controls) allows to perfectly align the 350 phono stage to your MC phono cartridge.

Power supply

A switched mode power supply followed by fast-switching DC-DC converters and low noise linear regulators provide the required supply voltages for the 350 phono stage. Switched mode power supplies provide supply voltages that are more stable and lower in noise than other power supply technologies.


The 350 phono strage is operated via its three front panel buttons and rotary control. Multiple configuration functions allow for perfect alignment of the 350 phono stage to your MC cartridge.

360 dac
360 specs
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