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Jadis Amplifiers

Jadis Ultimate Handcrafted Tube Amplifiers.

Jadis was founded in 1983 with a passion for making audio equipment that would faithfully reproduce the emotion of a live performance. Driven by this passion Jadis committed to it's own state-of-the-art research and development program which led to a unique design philosophy and the development of the incredible


Jadis output transformers are highly specialized devices entirely handmade at the Jadis factory in Villedubert, France. Guaranteed for life, Jadis transformers are world-renowned for their superior quality and contribution to musicality and are one of the secrets of the famous Jadis sound.


With the spectacular performance of their proprietary transformers, Jadis amplifiers have tremendous dynamics across the entire frequency range with a total lack of coloration. Jadis electronics are no-compromise instruments hand-built one at a time. They feature all point-to-point wiring and the very best components and materials available. Most Jadis amplifiers operate in pure class-A.


Jadis offers a broad range of exceptional products including: DACs, cd players, phono stages, integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, stereo power amplifiers and mono power amplifiers. Jadis is Available at Audioarts in New York City.

Jadis Orchestra


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