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Similar faces, smaller chassis. Perfection for all.

The Rei gives you a new perspective to Rediscover your Music.


A new perspective in rediscovering your music

The development of the Rei amplifier began when we realized the overwhelming love and admiration people had for the UNUM amplifier. Witnessing the joy and excitement it brought to enthusiasts, we embarked on the formidable task of creating a new iteration that would be more accessible in terms of affordability, while preserving the essence and uncompromising performance that made UNUM exceptional. Our goal was to bring the cutting-edge technology and sonic experience of UNUM to a wider audience. With unwavering dedication, we approached this endeavor, meticulously designing and engineering every aspect of the Rei amplifier. We left no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence, ensuring that the Rei delivers the same exceptional performance, musicality, and immersive experience as its predecessor, while being accessible to a broader range of users.

No compromises were made in our relentless pursuit of perfection. From the initial concept to the final product, we remained committed to delivering uncompromising audio quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and exceptional value. By leveraging our expertise and pushing the boundaries of innovation, we successfully created the Rei amplifier as a testament to our unwavering commitment. With the Rei, we aim to enrich the lives of more music lovers by offering a high-performance amplifier that surpasses expectations and captivates the senses. It is our firm belief that everyone deserves to experience the transformative power of music, and the Rei amplifier is our way of bringing that extraordinary experience to a wider audience.


Based on the legendary UNUM, the REI is operating at Class A, with output all the way up to 400watt.

Not the Typical Class A

The Rei amplifier distinguishes itself through the implementation of WestminsterLab's proprietary iBias and CCS systems, which have significant electronic implications. With these technologies, the Rei achieves a notably faster warm-up time compared to typical Class A amplifiers. The iBias technology dynamically adjusts the bias, taking into account the current and load of the amplifier.


This innovative approach enables the Rei to deliver the coveted benefits of Class A amplification without the typical drawbacks. Its ability to maintain optimal performance while mitigating issues associated with heat generation and power consumption makes the Rei truly exceptional. Prepare to experience a unique sonic journey, where the Rei combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled sound quality, surpassing expectations in every way.


A new page in transistors matching

Matching transistors is a well-known practice in amplifier design and manufacturing, but WestminsterLab takes a distinctly different approach. Going beyond the norm, not only are the transistors meticulously matched within an impressive 1% tolerance, but the matching and pairing process extends across multiple working points of the curve.


To ensure utmost reliability and performance, these matched transistors are rigorously stress-tested for hours under extensive loads. This meticulous testing and matching methodology is one of the key reasons why the Rei amplifier can deliver an astounding 400 watts of Class A power in such a compact package. WestminsterLab's commitment to precision and attention to detail sets their amplifiers apart, guaranteeing exceptional quality and sonic excellence.

Power, Power and Power

The power supply design is an often underestimated, yet fundamental aspect of amplifier design. Sadly, many users and even manufacturers fail to fully grasp its significance. A capable power supply plays a crucial role, encompassing various critical functions. Beyond providing low-noise voltage and current, it must also maintain these essential characteristics consistently, even under demanding load conditions. Equally important is the power supply's agility in swiftly responding to sudden load surges.


This instantaneous responsiveness is the key to unlocking the Rei amplifier's intoxicating oomph and captivating power delivery. By meticulously engineering the power supply to excel in noise reduction, load stability, and rapid load adaptation, we have created an amplifier that delivers exceptional audio performance, enabling you to experience the full depth and impact of your favorite music with unrivaled clarity and precision.

Rei Printed Curcuit Board

Ultra thick PCB

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is an indispensable component within amplifiers, serving as a critical medium that facilitates connections between various components. If overlooked, it can become the weakest link in the entire system. Years of meticulous testing and countless prototypes with our dedicated supplier have led us to discover the ideal PCB design featuring an ultra-thick and ultra-pure copper layer. This carefully crafted PCB has proven to be a game-changer, showcasing exceptional qualities in our extensive auditions.

"Its purity, speed, and transparency in signal transmission come remarkably close to the unparalleled performance of traditional point-to-point soldering. With this meticulously engineered PCB, we have achieved a level of excellence that ensures optimal audio fidelity, enabling the Rei amplifier to deliver an immersive and transparent sound experience that surpasses expect

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