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Rediscover Vinyl
from a new persepctive

Find out what really hides within the groves with the Monologue

Think Vinyl Then Think Again

The signal from the stylus, whether it's MC (Moving Coil), MM (Moving Magnet), or even DS Audio, is incredibly delicate. As a result, it requires extra care and attention to maintain its musical integrity. Recognizing this, we have developed a whole new design philosophy for the Monologue. Our approach encompasses everything from the power supply design and selection of passive and active components to the overall architecture of the unit.

In typical passive signal handling components, there is a measurable loss when a musical signal passes through them. However, this loss is usually negligible because the signal is large and the current is high, making the slight loss insignificant. However, when it comes to vinyl, the situation is completely different.

To address this unique challenge, we have collaborated extensively with specialized manufacturers to develop a passive signal handling capacitor that exhibits a negligible loss even with the most minute signals. The result is an unprecedented level of immediacy in the signal and ultra-low distortion.

With our meticulous attention to detail and innovative design choices, the Monologue sets a new standard in preserving the subtleties and nuances of your music. Whether you're using an MC, MM, or DS Audio stylus, you can trust that the Monologue will faithfully reproduce your vinyl recordings with exceptional clarity and accuracy.



The industrial and electronic design of the Monologue echoes the WestminsterLab tradition, keeping unnecessary features and ornaments to a minimum in order to deliver the purest musical and user experience.

There are no color displays, rotary switches, or any distracting elements. We have intentionally reduced the complexity in order to protect the delicate signal from your favorite vinyl record.

Is all about power

Inside the chassis of the Monologue, you'll find a meticulously designed and customized power system. At bespoke 260-watt O-core transformer provides a robust and stable power supply for the unit. These transformers are specifically tailored for the Monologue, borrowing the architecture from our Quest model and further optimizing it for the Monologue's application. The primary focus during this optimization was to achieve the lowest possible noise levels, allowing the Monologue to reveal the deepest nuances and intricacies of your music.

To ensure exceptional performance, the Monologue incorporates an impressive array of power supplies. With six individual rails of regulators and a dual-mono output design, the unit achieves remarkable channel separation. The symmetrical dual-mono output design further enhances the Monologue's performance by maintaining complete separation between the left and right channels at the output stages..

This exceptional design not only ensures accurate sound reproduction but also contributes to an immersive three-dimensional soundstage that extends beyond the boundaries of your listening room. Creating a captivating and lifelike audio experience, drawing you into the music and creating a sense of depth and dimensionality.

With its impressive power supply configuration, remarkable channel separation, and symmetrical dual-mono output design, the Monologue sets a new standard for performance and audio fidelity. The result is an audio experience that faithfully captures the nuances of the original recording and presents them in a captivating and engaging manner.

customized power system

Meet The Family

With the Monologue, the family is now complete. We have taken care of all the analogue electronics in your systems and all the connections in between. Just sit back, relax and rediscover your music.

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