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Miniaturize to Expand

The beauty of limitations: how to surpass with a small speaker the evocative ability of a big one.
To miniaturize in order to expand: leaving mass, encumbrance and, of course, frequency range to gain air and immediacy. A renunciation that is, in actuality, an achievement.

The Stand

The support: a fundamental element for aesthetic and functional balance, it also includes the crossover, freeing the acoustical chamber from its presence; a definitive solution to avoiding potential interference with the drivers.

Accordo Speakers Serblin
Serbline Speakers


Geometry: 2 way compact speaker - Specular design.
Cabinet: Super-rigid, arch-shaped Solid wood structure decoupled with Aluminium - Magnesium parts to obtain resonance control. Handcrafted by artisan Masters.
Stand: Especially designed to encase the crossover network. he ultimate solution to avoid transducer interference.
Tweeter: avoid 29 mm transducer silk-dome interferences. by Ragnar Lian, one of the greatest masters among transducer designers. An on-going project for 30 years.
Mid-woofer: Leggendary, custom made, 150 mm sliced paper cone, optimized for the best control of cone breack-up. Symmetrical drive motor system.
Crossover: Minimalist approach, low-order, phase coherent, finalised to achieve precise soundstaging, focus and depth of image. Selected premium parts.

serblin speakers

Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 33 KHz, in room
Nominal impedance: 4 ohm
Sensitivity: 87 dB /1W/1m
Minimum power amplifier: 20 W / ch minimum
Speaker dimensions: 36 cm x 19 cm x 36 cm (HWD)
Stand height: 74 cm
Weight: 32 Kg/pair - stand included (unpacked)
        40 Kg/pair - stand included (unpacked)
Finish: Solid walnut - Metal parts chrome aluminum.
        Grey Multilayered hardwood - Metal parts chrome aluminum.

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