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Jadis Electronics


Wonderful piece of artisan work, Hestia apply high end turntable basic principles worthy of that name with massive components uses (such as granit bloc), belt drive on inner counter plate and synchronous permanent magnet motor. It is a suspended mass turntable on elastomer silent bloc along with massive platter with high moment of inertia. Except for a few components, this jewel is entirely designed and hand-made in cooperation with Pierre Riffaud, famous for his high end masterpieces. All of these guarantee a great level of reliability for optimum reading conditions. A separate power supply is now available as an option. The parts machining is carried out with a tolerance of about a micron, which is the dimension of the grooves of a vinyl record. This extremely meticulous precision allows the Thalie to get all the information deep into the grooves and thus provides perfect sound reproduction.

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