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Logos Wall MK2

The Logos Wall delivers the ultimate sound quality thanks to the most advanced home cinema technologies on the audio market: the Goldmund Proteus and Leonardo© technologies. The former is particularly important for the coherence of the sound image and clarity of the signal.

The Logos Wall MK2 is an in-wall active speaker. The design of this unit focuses on what matters the most for your home cinema performance, that is to say advanced technology. It uses the Telos, Proteus and Leonardo© technologies developed by Goldmund to create the most accurate sound reproduction. Linked to our acoustic processors, it participates to the Extreme Multichannel Goldmund recommends for all serious home cinemas. Its installation is also particularly convenient and simple.

With two built-in Telos amplifiers, it totals 300W of power and allows a strict control of the drivers. This avoids the complicated settings and wirings of external electronics.  Only one digital cable is necessary and links to the integrated amplifiers that are internally connected to the drivers. In addition, the Logos Wall has a digital output that permits the connection of speakers in series when necessary.

Since drivers are positioned right next to the amplifiers, there is no data loss between the two components (as can happen if the amplifiers are further away from the speakers). It also allows a much tighter control on the driver for a cleaner and more precise sound.

Its integrated DSP includes the gain, delays, and crossovers for each driver. This means each one is customized based on the specification of the room, the number of speakers, subwoofers and their precise position in the room. This allows our engineers to:


  • control the general acoustic of the room

  • maintain the sound level required in Goldmund home cinemas   

  • precisely process the surround signals for a complete immersion in the room.   

The LogosWall finish is purely industrial as it is meant to be completely hidden by the decor of your choice. Goldmund made this pragmatic choice for all its in-wall units so you invest money on your room decor, not on a speaker cosmetic that you will never see after it has been installed.



• 45 Hz – 25 KHz (-6 dB).


• Buit-In 2 x 175 W Telos amplifier for tweeter & medium per unit.


• 1 x soft dome tweeter and 1 x 6.5” medium


• Vent loading.


• 1 x digital S/PDIF input.


• 1 x digital S/PDIF output.


• Nominal range: 115 V or 230 V (+/-15 %).
• Fuses: 8 A slow-blow type for 115 V & 230 V.


• 240 W per unit.


• 32 W x 13 D x 66.5 L (cm) – 12.6 W x 5.1 D x 26 L (inch) – cabinet.
• 39 W x 1 D x 68.5 L (cm) – 15.4 W x 0.4 D x 26.8 L (inch) – front panel.
• 30 kg net.


• 3 years, parts and labor.


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