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Extreme Performance and Complete Customization


The Logos Room Home Cinema is dedicated to an audience in search of extreme performance and complete customization for medium size areas of entertainment (20 to 35 square meters).


All Logos Room systems are calculated by our Acoustic Laboratory in Geneva with the Proteus room modeling software. The Proteus technology is a mathematical model that is used to create the optimal system configuration for the Room. All configurations inserted in its DSP’s are also the results of Proteus algorithms. The system thus offers a complete correction of amplitude, phase, and time, guarantying the cleanest and most realistic sound environment, with an unrivaled linearity, even at very high sonic levels.



Goldmund’s revolutionary approach allows acoustic corrections to be made by the system. The Proteus technology computes custom solutions for each project so the Logos Room Home Theater can adapt to any décor and room configuration and back the designer’s creativity. It is nonetheless important to point-out that to achieve a state-of-the-art sound quality the Logos Room architecture should respect the acoustic laws of a movie theater.

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