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Our engineers have collaborated with Hollywood sound engineers to deliver the experiences that they have meant to produce. Their objective is to completely immerse you into the most realistic sound possible so you become part of the movie instead of watching it. You live the action, you feel the emotions, you forget everything outside of the movie experience. This is the purpose of Goldmund home theatres.

A Revolution for Interior Designers and Architects

Customers can decide to display or hide their surround sound systems. If the customer is open to undergoing construction work, the multichannel system can be installed in-wall to obtain a discreet and invisible multichannel system. This is true for both the Logos Room and the Media Room. Click the links below for more information on both rooms.

Hidden Surround Sound System
Partially Invisible Surround Sound System
Visible Surround Sound System

The customer may opt instead for a completely visible sound system. In this scenario, the sound system components are selected from a wide range of products available in the Goldmund collection according to the Room characteristics, customer’s desired aesthetics, and budget.

Many customers have also taken advantage of Goldmund Home Theaters versatility to create a customized home cinema as an extension of their stereo system. Existing speakers can be integrated within the multichannel room configuration. This is obviously true with any Goldmund standalone speaker but also with speakers from other brands. It is worth mentioning for music aficionados that, when included in a Goldmund Home Theater, the stereo system quality is completely preserved. Our digital processors automatically switch between stereo and multichannel formats, selecting the customized configuration created in the system for each of them. By adding a few Goldmund audio modules to existing stereo speakers, we are able to recreate a perfectly lifelike concert hall sonic atmosphere.

For a partially invisible result where only the stereo speakers display, the surround sound system incorporates Logos Room products. For a fully visible finish and in order to avoid any construction work, other products from the Goldmund collection are installed.


Best-in-class Representatives

Goldmund sound systems can be integrated in home automation and domotics systems by professional installers. The Goldmund Home Theater team works from architects and designers’ plans and provides technical support throughout all stages of the project. Final calibration and setup are made by Goldmund engineers before the Room is officially certified.

Goldmund Home Theaters and concert systems are installed worldwide by Goldmund representatives who have been thoroughly trained on all technical features of these systems and follow the instructions given by the Geneva Acoustic Laboratory for each customized room.

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