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Fuuga MC Phono Cartridge - “Miyabi Reborn”


Audioarts NYC. New York City

“This is simply the most engaging and satisfying cartridge I’ve come across in years: a future classic – now.” - Roy Gregory

“This one’s a keeper. The Fuuga stays.”

- Roy Gregory

“There's just something about the Fuuga's balance that warms my heart. A lack of artificiality. An unfettered sense of dynamics. A massive soundstage. A lack of transient smearing. A simply outstanding midrange that brings vocalists to life.”

- Myles Astor

“Fuuga is, without a doubt, among the handful of highest-performing, most-enjoyable cartridges I have heard.” - Michael Fremer

“There is no cartridge that is such a complete package on the highest level – It stays in my system.” - Uwe Kirbach

“There are products you can’t wait to see the back of. There are products you miss as soon as they leave. Then there are the rarest products of all – those for which leaving simply isn’t an option.” 

- Roy Gregory

“The real reason that this review has taken so long to write is the ease with which the Fuuga has insinuated itself into my system and become part of the landscape. Rather than reviewing or assessing, analyzing or dissecting its performance, I was simply enjoying it, using it as part of the musical framework against which other products were placed. It’s difficult to think of higher praise or a more emphatic recommendation than that.” 

- Roy Gregory

Fuuga Audioarts Phono Cartridge



  • Output : 0.35 mVrms (50 mm/sec., zero to peak, 45°)

  • Impedance : 2.5 Ω (1kHz)

  • Channel separation : >27 db (1kHz)

  • Compliance : 7 x 10-6 cm/dyne (100Hz)

  • Cantilever : A2017 Aluminum Aloy, tapered

  • Stylus : Parabolic Hybrid, 8μm x 40μm, pure diamond

  • Weight : 15 gram

  • Recommended tracking force : 2.0~2.2 gram

Fuuga MC Phono Cartridge
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