Homage 755 Loudspeakers

From the mid-1940s Western Electric began – in consequence of better magnetic basic material – to develop drivers with alnico magnets. During that period the series 7 with its models 728, 754, 713 and as the smallest full-range driver the WE 755 as a 20 cm unit, were developed. In the last couple of years these drivers are rarely to find worldwide as originals. Even later types from Altec with ferrite magnets are rare.
With a driver very similar to the historic original, the Chinese manufacturer Line Magnetic Audio gave us the possibility to design a full-range speaker solution. The timeless aesthetics  of the WE 753 speakers use of form led us to adopt it for our own new product line of loudspeakers.

The pictured cabinet is manufactured from massive walnut tree. Other versions are possible on request.
The cabinets are adapted to the parameters for the permanent magnetic driver LM 755/Alnico. With a heights of just 90 cm the 755 is the "piccolo" in our speaker product line. With his lean and elegant design it perfectly fits into the home environment, while delivering tonal results which one will only find with the best full-range drivers.

A23 Step-Up Transformer

Since years Auditorium 23 offers step-up transformers for use with Denon DL 103, Ortofon, EMT and alike. Particularly for cartridges with low impedances it's more important to have a specialized matching transformer than an alleged Jack of all trades.

Image-Hifi 5/96: "... by the way, a good partner for the DL 103 which is blessed with a probably unbeatable relation of price and benefit. A transformer with powerful and harmonic sound."

Jules Coleman, American Wired

"The A23 step-up may be small and easy to place, but it packs a hell of a wallop. In fact, getting the measure of this step-up was surprisingly easy. The A23 SPU step up is incredibly dynamic and extended, from top to bottom. It is neutral, extremely vivid and present. While it is by no means lean or bleached, it is not as weighty as the other step ups I had on hand. It is primarily about speed, openness, extension, clarity and presence. I have reason to believe that its designer, Keith Aschenbrenner, voiced this unit around the basic SPU Classic, which like the Denon 103, is all about tonality in the same sense that the folks at Audio Note UK claim their components are. Both cartridges favor the body of notes over the leading edge and weight over speed.

The A23 Denon 103 step up is a perfect complement for the cartridge of the same name. Played through it, the Denon 103 maintains its body and weight, but its apparent speed and resolution improve dramatically, especially throughout the upper registers. The A23 step up for the SPU has the same impact and would be a perfect match with the standard SPU Classic."

A23 Speaker Cable

A23 speaker cable does not come from industrial drums. It is composed of 2 differently structured conductors of differing profiles which are manually twisted, coated in a green or gray jacket and then terminated with beryllium-copper banana plugs. We prefer and appreciate these plugs, because of the minimum of material to filter the signal. The small diameter of these plugs does not allow solutions for bi-wiring, but it's possible to provide jumpers when desired.

Since the speaker cable is manufactured manually, individually desired lengths are possible.
A23 speaker cable is manufactured unchanged since the early 1990ies and – according to the feedback of our clients – competes very well until this day.

A23 Interconnect Cable

Since spring 2008 our Hommage-Line is enriched by our own IC-Cable. This cable was developed as a partner to our speaker cables and is being manufactured exclusively for A23 to our specifications and hand terminated by us. It is available in individual lengths beginning at minimum lengths of 50 cm.

The A23 interconnect cable has a parallel symmetrical composition with one side shielded. It is terminated with SWC-plugs, which are thoughtfully revised to follow the historical ideas of the manufacturer. Alternatively, it is available with 5-pin connectors for use as phono-cable.

In May 2010 A23 Interconnect Cable received the Image Hifi Award 2010 by the German audio magazine Image Hifi.

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