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Apertura Audioarts


Our wish, when developing SENSA & SWING was to create small-size speakers that could fit in any limited interiors. The new shape we developed combines an original design, simple and elegant while maintaining an optimal load volume. SENSA is ARMONIA’s Worthy descendant. They share the same main features and concern for perfection inherent to the Apertura brand.



  • A 16cm mid/woofer with an « isotactic matrix », cone like in Armonia, Edena and their big sisters.  This material made of woven polypropylene strips, combines stiffness, lightness and good damping properties.

  • The long moving coil allows a long linear excursion. Which is quite amazing for a speaker of this size.

  • This drive unit comes also with an original suspension, featuring radial stiffeners that lower the interferences.

  • High frequencies are reproduced by a tweeter, member of the famous “Ring Radiator” family.

  •  In addition to its unusual profile, it has a bullet shape waveguide and a rear damping chamber. The result is an extended frequency response, both at the top end (to above 40kHz), and at the bottom end to allow easier coupling with the bass/mid range drive unit


  • Proprietary « DRIM » structure with a triple attenuation slopes

  • This technology cancels intermodulation on each sections of the crossover, which result in unsurpassed Clarity and finesse

  • Each set of drive units (tweeter and mid/woofer) are individually measured and crossover values adjusted according to these sets measurements. Hand wiring on a 140 µm copper printed circuit board.

  • Optimized crossover structure to avoid magnetic interference between components


  • The main goal, in this new cabinet design, was to limit vibration propagation on the most critical panels (especially on the back panel).

  • High thickness panels (18mm)

  • Internal multi-cavity framework with 3 bracing panels to stiffen the structure and create very specific areas where damping materials can be applied

  • Bass reflex loading with an optimized double resonator. This specific configuration allows deeper low frequencies reproduction.

  • Importance is given to damping treatment to cancel any standing waves. We are using 2 different types of dumping materials.

  • 3 different standard finishes available: Satin : cherry. High Gloss : Piano black, White. Magnetic grid with invisible fixation

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