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The monitoring speaker reference from Apertura.

KALYA takes up a concept introduced fifteen years ago on the Kalibrator.


KALYA is the first stand-mount loudspeaker in the new Apertura line.

KALYA takes up the concept introduced fifteen years ago on the Kalibrator: a compact monitor speaker with one 8” woofer and a tweeter. The design of this new model benefit from the experience acquired on the new Apertura line and improvements made since that time on drivers and components.

KALYA has not been designed on classic bookshelf standards and limitations. The design goal was to create the most performing monitor speaker, within a compact size suitable with modern listening rooms.

The Bass-Reflex loading has been optimized with a long vent tube located close to the woofer driver and an output beneath the KALYA . This specific position brings an ideal coupling with the bass driver. Despite a limited loading volume, KALYA is capable to extend the bandwidth to the lower frequencies. Such loading principle requires the use of a specific stand. The one delivered with KALYA is dedicated to this model, with a vent hole on the coupling plate.

KALYA is fastened to this heavy stand, mixing aluminum and wood. Like on all Apertura speakers, KALYA stands on a central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity. The four other spikes are for stability only.

Obviously the new KALYA speaker uses the same special cabinet shape as all our models: two curved side panels of different length and no symmetrical faces. This choice is dedicated by cosmetic and technical issues: by reducing the dimensions of the most emitting surfaces (top & back) KALYA is free from unwanted colorations. Enclosure panels consist of multiple thin layers of high density MDF, glue together and pressure molded to reach final thickness of 25 to 30mm. This sandwich structure allows breaking and attenuating vibration waves inside the material. As for the two large bracing panels, the aim is to drastically improve cabinet mechanical damping.

For a monitoring speaker internal damping is crucial to avoid any cabinet coloration. Smaller will be the load volume, more difficult will be the attenuation of the sound pressure inside the cabinet. A mixture of three damping materials used in significant quantities at defined locations cancel any standing waves.

Contrary to common trends, KALYA is using a 8” bass/midrange driver-unit. This custom design driver made by Seas in Norway for Apertura is altered in our facility. Improvements on the magnet assembly with reduced distortions and mechanical damping. The cone material is of the “Isotactic Matrix” type like most of the other Apertura speakers. It’s a new composite material based on woven polypropylene. This material exhibits stiffness, lightness and good damping properties.

High frequencies are reproduced by the best type of driver available for this frequency range: Ribbon tweeter. The 2” KALYA ribbon tweeter uses an aluminum/ polymer sandwich diaphragm, more linear than the older corrugated ones. Thanks to the light weight of the moving part and the powerful Neodym magnet, it’s the only type of tweeter able to reproduce the higher transit and most delicate nuances.

The “DRIM” crossover technology used in Apertura products allows a minimum intermodulation (three successive slopes of 6dB, 12dB and 24dB), and respect of time alignment. The KALYA crossover is hand wired only with audiophile components on a high power printed circuit board (140µm copper thickness).

KALYA will only express is extraordinary potential in terms of dynamic and bass extension, with the most performing electronics.

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