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Apertura Audioarts

Enigma MKII

ENIGMA mkII is Apertura new 2 ways flagship model.

This new version, called mkII, is based on the same configuration as the original ENIGMA, with two 22cm woofers and a very big ribbon tweeter. All the other elements and the crossover have been redesigned in order to achieve the best performance ever.

The load has been optimized with a special care on mechanical and electromagnetic damping of every drivers.



  • Two 22cm mid woofers, with « isotactic Matrix » cones – a new type of composite material (woven polypropylene). This cone material exhibits stiffness, lightness and good damping properties, Long voice-coil on titanium former for a high linear excursion. A heavy copper ring on the pole piece together with a solid copper phase plug reduce distortions. This custom design driver made by Seas in Norway for Apertura is widely modified in our facility (motor & mechanical damping).

  • New generation ribbon tweeter that uses an aluminum/ polymer sandwich diaphragm for improved linearity. The high frequency drive unit is a professional grade ribbon tweeter, one of the biggest currently available. Its emissive surface is four times the Armonia one. A so high effective piston area allows to reduce the movements of the ribbon, thus distortion at low and high levels.


  • Proprietary « DRIM » structure with a triple attenuation slopes and phase control over the entire bandwidth.

  • A brand new crossover for this mkII version with two independent circuit boards for low-pass and High-pass sections. Choix de condensateurs très haut de gamme. Selection of very high end audio capacitors from Jantzen, Denmark.

  • Each set of drive units (tweeter and mid/woofer) are individually measured and crossover values adjusted according to these sets measurements.

  • Hand wiring on a 140 µm copper printed circuit board. Optimized crossover structure to avoid magnetic interference between components

  • Binding post : pure copper with gold plating


  • This new model uses the Apertura very specific cabinet shape: two curved sides of different length and no parallel front and back panels.

  • The complex load is a mix between a Bass-Reflex and an acoustic line. The vent tube of large section is located beneath the speaker.

  • A massive metal base acts as a mechanical referential and helps reproduce with precision the most subtle details.

  • Laminar structure based on multiple thin layers pressure molded. Such process creates breaking modes and limit propagation of vibrations. Final thicknesses vary from 28 to 44 mm.

  • Internal multi-cavity framework to stiffen the structure and create very specific areas where damping materials can be applied

  • No less than 10 horizontal and vertical thick bracing panels make up the skeleton on which all panels are mounted on

  • Importance is given to damping treatment to cancel any standing waves. We are using 4 different types of dumping materials.

  • Mechanical grounding: a central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity improved vibrations transfer to the floor. It optimized the dispersal of structure-borne noises.

  • Different standard finishes available: High Gloss: Maple, Rosewood, Rosewood dos Santos. On demand: any color in High gloss and metal high gloss.

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