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Apertura Audioarts

Edena Evolution

The idea with Edena Evolution was to offer an improved version of the Edena while keeping a reasonable price difference.

With new high-performance tweeter and a brand new cross over, the result goes beyond our expectations.

We are happy to present this new speaker in 2018, the year we celebrate 35 years of Apertura. This new 2 ways – 2 drivers floor standing speaker maintains the tradition of her famous predecessors: Tanagra Signature and Variation.

This new tweeter, as well as all other new details of Edena Evolution, brings this new speaker one step further in terms of musical performance. An obvious resolution gain in the mid-high section compared with the basic version makes it a fully new model.



  • 22cm mid/woofer « isotactic matrix » with a woven polypropylene composite cone. This material combines stiffness, lightness and good damping properties.
    Long voice coil for a high linear excursion.

  • New generation of ribbon tweeter, using a flat metalized polymer diaphragm.
    Its emissive area is twice that of the Edena tweeter. A double surface will reduce the movements of the ribbon, and thus the distortion. The result is an increase dynamic capacity and a higher resolution.



  • Proprietary « DRIM » structure with a triple attenuation slopes and phase control over the entire bandwidth.

  • A brand new crossover for the Evolution.
    Selection of very high end capacitors.

  • Each set of drive units (tweeter and mid/woofer) are individually measured and crossover values adjusted according to these sets measurements.

  • Hand wiring on a 140 µm copper printed circuit board.

  • Optimized crossover structure to avoid magnetic interference between components

  • Binding post: Pure copper, silver -plated


  • This new model uses the Apertura very specific cabinet shape: two curved sides of different length and no parallel front and back panels.

  • Laminar structure based on multiple thin layers pressure molded.
    Such process creates breaking modes and limit propagation of vibrations.

  • Double thickness on the most critical panels

  • Woofer frame mechanical locking

  • Internal multi-cavity framework to stiffen the structure and create very specific areas where damping materials can be applied)

  • Importance is given to damping treatment to cancel any standing waves. We are using 3 different types of dumping materials.

  • Mechanical grounding : a central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity improves vibrations transfer to the floor.

  • New aluminum stands and spikes available. Choice of 2 anodized colors: black or silver

  • 4 different finishes available: Satin : cherry. High Gloss : Piano black, Rosewood, maple. On Demand : High gloss and metal high gloss.

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