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Latest addition in a long tradition of Apertura products, EDENA is the successor of Tanagra and Tanagra signature speakers.

Filiation yes, but also rewriting a myth in the light of the most modern techniques. EDENA is a compact 2 ways – 2 drivers floor-standing column.


The cabinet uses the now well-known Apertura special shape. Two curved sides of different length and no symmetrical faces.

Enclosure panels consist of multiple thin layers of high density MDF, pressure moulded to reach final thickness of 25 to 44 mm. This sandwich structure allows to break and attenuate vibration waves inside the material. The aim is to drastically improve cabinet damping. The laminar structure is formed around a framework of five heavy bracing panels.

To optimize the dispersal of structure-borne noise, the Edena enclosure stands on its central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity. The four other spikes are for stability only.

Internal damping combines original solutions and a mixture of different materials to cancel any standing waves.

The EDENA uses a custom design 22 cm (8’’) bass/mid range drivers. The “Isotactic Matrix” cone is a new type of composite material (woven polypropylene). This cone material exhibits stiffness, lightness and good damping properties, which makes it essential for our new designs. These drive-units benefit of an “Excel” powerful motor: 134 mm ferrite, long voice-coil on titanium former and a copper ring on the pole piece.

The high frequency drive unit is from a new generation of ribbon tweeters using an aluminum/ polymer sandwich diaphragm, instead of corrugated aluminum. The combination of a rare earth magnet and a diaphragm of only 18mg, allows a flat frequencies response to above 40 kHz, with an acceleration factor unknown with dome technology.

The proprietary “DRIM” structure filter has an ellipse on one of its branches, with three different slopes: 6 dB, 12 dB and 24 dB per octave.

The overall intersection is 6 dB at the cutoff frequency, allowing a minimum intermodulation zone and respect of time alignment. A strict phase optimization makes possible a three-dimensional stereo soundstage.

EDENA impresses by its natural and vivid musical performances. An Apertura sonic signature. Free from added color, it delivers extended and full-bodied low frequency together with speed, high resolution and transparency. Edena can be easily combined with electronics possessing only moderate power output.

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