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Apertura Audioarts

Armonia is an elegant two way column, a pure summary of the Apertura spirit.

An innovative design and first rank performances. The message is cleared of all clutter, of all colorations, just to keep the essential : music.


ARMONIA is the first loudspeaker of the Apertura range to use this specific shape, which helps to make this loudspeaker so neutral. Two sides with curves of different radius. No symmetrical faces, but angles between front and back panels carefully calculated to maximize stiffness and to reduce cabinet resonance.

The multiple internal bracing panels form the skeleton on which the various panels are assembled. These multiply panels of high density MDF make a laminar structure more rigid and damped than a conventional structure. To optimize the dispersal of structure‐borne noise, the Armonia enclosure stands on its central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity. The four other spikes are for stability only.

ARMONIA use a 7″ bass/mid‐range unit driven by a powerful magnetic circuit of 11cm in diameter, totally decompressed. The “Isotactic matrix “cone combines stiffness and damping, to allow playback of a wide bandwidth without any break‐up mode and with low distortion.

The chassis shape is the result of a study using CAD and finite element analysis. Thanks to its thin branches, the frame leaves the rear of the drive unit totally free to improve the propagation of the rear wave‐form.

The high frequency drive unit is from a new generation of ribbon tweeter that uses an aluminum / polymer sandwich diaphragm, more linear and less fragile than previous generations. The use of a Neodymium magnetic circuit and a membrane of only 18mg (10 times less than a dome tweeter of similar emissive area), allows accurate reproduction of all transients.

The crossover is the brainchild of Christian Yvon. This proprietary filter structure called “DRIM ‘ has an ellipse on one of its branches, with three different slopes: 6dB, 12dB, 24dB per octave. The overall intersection is 6 dB at the cutoff frequency, allowing a minimum intermodulation zone. A strict phase optimization makes possible a three‐dimensional stereo soundstage.

Musically, ARMONIA combines a wide frequency response, accuracy, and a remarkable sense of musical phrasing. It is capable of great gentleness, but remains rock‐solid even on the most dynamic tracks. Armonia may be associated with low‐mid power (40‐50W) high‐quality electronics, as well as the most ambitious amplifiers.


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